Latest Tune Book, Collected II!

"I hope these tunes are enjoyable for you to learn and play. I hope they provide a challenge. I hope you try writing your own tunes! In the face of a music that’s all about playing together, I’ll say to you that it’s worth it, satisfying beyond measure, to find your own voice—whether that’s in learning a new tune, varying an old tune, or writing your own."

Liz Carroll

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Collected II

The new collection has sixty jigs, reels, marches, hornpipes, and strathspeys—all the new tunes Liz Carroll has written since her first tune book, 2010's Collected. Favorites from Liz's albums—On the Offbeat; Ireland: Crossroads of Art and Design, 1690-1840 - The Music; the String Sisters' Between Wind and Water; and 2019's duet album with Jake Charron, Half Day Road—along with many unrecorded tunes, photos, tune tales, and snippets of original manuscripts.

Some of Liz's favorite tunes are here, including:

"Barbra Streisand’s Trip to Saginaw," from when Liz stayed at the same inn where the famous singer stayed.

"Never Far Away," written for Liz's father.

 "Rose and Kathleen's Slip Jig," from the Ireland: Crossroads album, music from an exhibition of Irish art and design at the Art Institute of Chicago.

"Save the Ham," which celebrates Liz's heroics saving a piglet at a teaching week in North Carolina.

And so much more!

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Collected II - Order the Download
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This is a digital version of Liz's second book of compositions, "Collected II."

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You can also print all or part of the book, as you please. Please remember this is copyrighted work; please use for your own pleasure - and thanks!

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Some of the recorded music found in Collected II

Liz's first book of tunes, Collected, is available as a digital download below. Thanks!