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Reviews for HALF DAY ROAD

The Half Day Road reviews - here's one and more here including just arrived from The Living Tradition.

Daniel Neely of The Irish Echo, March 18, 2019, “But the thing that’s most striking about this album is the sheer virtuosity of the musicianship.  Carroll plays with rare drive and sensitivity and has a partner in Charron who is well able to match her energy.  And there are some ear-popping moments that stand out above and beyond some already very impressive music.  I think, for example, of the quick cuts and the freedom she seems to have as she moves up the fingerboard on “The Bird” and the fire she wields in “Save the Ham” as she swoops in and out of the groove.  It’s just breathtaking.”

Who is Liz Carroll?

photo by Suzanne Plunkett

Liz Carroll is an Irish fiddler, composer, and recording artist. She is the first Irish-American musician to be nominated for a Grammy, and the first American-born composer honored with the Cumadóir TG4, Ireland’s most significant traditional music prize. Liz has toured as a solo artist and with the Greenfields of America, Trian, as the duo Liz Carroll & John Doyle, String Sisters, and now as a duo with guitarist and pianist Jake Charron. She is featured on fourteen albums and has appeared on many more, and her duet album with Jake Charron, Half Day Road, is to be released in February, 2019. Liz was born in Chicago of Irish parents, and still lives just outside her hometown.
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