Liz teaches! North Carolina, Celtic Week, The Swannanoa Gathering

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Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC 28815-9000

Liz teaches at this celebrated week of Celtic music of all styles. This year, Liz teaches ADVANCED IRISH FIDDLE.

The musical traditions of Scotland and Ireland, possessing separate, distinctive personalities, nonetheless share a common heritage. Many of western North Carolina’s early white settlers were either Highlanders or ‘Ulster Scots’ – the Scots-Irish. Our Celtic Week acknowledges that varied heritage with a program that features some of the best from those traditions.

Celtic Week welcomes two new staff members, a few returning staff we haven’t seen in a while, and a lineup that features present or former members of the supergroups Lúnasa, Ossian, Solas, The House Band, Skylark, Moving Cloud, Comas, Slide, Runa, and Cherish the Ladies, plus the return of an outstanding group of veteran staff members. The week will feature classes, potluck sessions, concerts, jams and dances.