Liz's book of tunes, Collected, is no longer in print, but you can easily buy the digital version below. Thanks!

From Liz

Hello! I'm happy to introduce Collected to the world. 185 tunes in one book - whewww!

It includes some of my favorites, including "The Air Tune," "The Diplodocus," and "The Lament for the First Generation." Collected also tells stories of the tunes' inspirations, from my hometown of Chicago, to cars rolling uphill, to a lament for the late Tommy Makem.

And the tune composing won't stop. Look for new tunes to be posted here - at least until Collected II comes around, in say another thirty years!



This is Liz Carroll's first collection of tunes. She has been composing since she was a little girl and this collection represents a lifetime of musical ideas in the form of tunes. The collection ranges from jigs, reels, and hornpipes to polkas,airs and strathspeys. Included are well known tunes from Liz's recordings, such as Lost in the Loop, Wissahickon Drive, The Diplodocus, and The Lament of the First Generation, as well as fifty tunes which have never been recorded.

Note to those with questions - here's what Liz says in the book's foreword:

"For those who already play Irish music, you know why there are no ornaments, bowings, tempo indicators and chords in this book. For those who haven’t played Irish music before—there are no ornaments, bowings, tempo indicators or chords for the tunes in this book.

The reason is that while these tunes are written down here, Irish music is largely an aural tradition. Players will ornament a tune different from one pass to the next (or not). Bowing can vary so much from player to player, and all of it can sound good, that you won’t want to be tied down to an instructed bowing—just as flute players won’t want to be told where to take a breath. You’ll want to imitate good playing and eventually find your own comfortable chug."

Collected - the 2nd printing!

Buy Liz's book of tunes, in its digital format, here!

Liz's long-awaited book of original compositions! What Irish music fans have been clamoring for - for years. Published by Liz in 2010 with launches at major music festivals throughout 2010 and 2011 - now available only through this web site!

185 tunes are in Collected, many of which have been recorded by Liz on her solo albums, and on her recordings with John Doyle, Trian, Cherish the Ladies, and by other artists including Solas, Dervish and Sharon Shannon.


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This is a digital version of Liz's acclaimed book of compositions, "Collected."

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You can also print all or part of the book, as you please. Please remember this is copyrighted work; please use for your own pleasure - and thanks!

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From Custys Traditional Music Shop

From Custys Traditional Music Shop, in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland, comes this:

This is Liz Carroll's first collection of tunes bursting with personality and full of character.

She arrived unannounced into the shop in early April, 2011 accompanied by her two adoring aunts and asked with humility if we'd be interested in stocking her book in our shop.

Lady! we adore you and your music and it was our pleasure to have them on the shelves. She had just travelled from Wexford after having received a Gradam Ceoil as the 2011 traditional composer of the year - classy woman!

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